Economics 336: Public Economics


Office Hours


Class Debates and Short Papers


Date Lecture Textbook and required readings Additional Material Tutorial (R12-1, CR403)
September 11 Introduction Rosen chaps. 1-3
Course Outline
Practice problems on taxation
Tutorial on mathematical methods (background, not required)
September 18 Tax avoidance and excess burden Rosen chap. 15
*Feldstein (JPE, 1995)
Oates, Wallace E., and Robert M. Schwab. 2015. "The Window Tax: A Case Study in Excess Burden." Journal of Economic Perspectives, 29 (1): 163-80.
Is this what I sound like?
September 25 Tax incidence Rosen chap. 14; Gruber chap. 19
October 2 Income distribution I Rosen chap. 17-17; Gruber chap. 17-18

What important problem with UBI does this discussion ignore?

October 9 Taxation and income distribution II Gruber chap. 18
*Saez and Veall, 2005, "The Evolution of High Incomes in Northern America: Lessons from Canadian Evidence"

P. Diamond and E. Saez, 2011, "The case for a progressive tax: From basic research to policy recommendations".
One percent of the U of T professors says 50 percent of the stupid things -- which is also not what "Pareto distribution" actually means:

Find two mathematical errors in Jordan Peterson's lecture. What is his moral argument here and how does he use pseudo-mathematics to advance his case?

Take up PS1
October 16 Externalities Chap. 5. and 6.1-6.2
*Parry and Small, 2005,"Does Britain or the United States Have the Right Gasoline Tax?", AER.
Problem set #2
Sample midterm #1
Sample midterm #2
Midterm prep
October 23 Midterm exam
October 30 Externalities II *Gilbert E. Metcalf, "Market-Based Policy Options to Control U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions," JEP, 2009. Dale Beugin and Chris Ragan, The real costs and benefits of carbon pricing, MacLean's, Apr 30, 2018

Although I hope it's unnecessary, here is a rebuttal.

Take up midterm
November 6 Fall break
November 13 Public goods Rosen chap. 4; Gruber chap. 7
*Samuelson, 1954
Problem set #3
November 20 Class debates

Extra reading material on Univerisal Basic Income:
Overview of economics of UBI
Cost estimates for Canada

class debates
November 27 Voting Chap. 9
*D. C. Mueller, 2003, "The size of government," Public Choice III, chap 21.
December 4 Public choice Chap. 8
*C. Mulligan et al., "Do democracies have different public policies than non-democracies?" JEP, 2004.
Sample final exam
Take up PS3; Exam prep
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